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little refund for any shipping overage. But please, if you live in the car wash coupons long island United States, dont ask me to hold multiple items for multiple weeks. Im seeing a great result in blogging as well. for international customers (outside the United States I am happy to hold and combine orders that you place up to three weeks apart. I assure you that the money does not come to me!

Fans who sign up for the shops newsletter are privy to promo discounts as well. I am one small person running a very small company, and on average, I tend to *lose* money on international shipping. A lot of (what) I sell I use at home. This is what it sounds like when sharks cry. But youve got to talk. Vintage merchandise includes lots of brass items, such as a pineapple-themed clip holder and pineapple-themed bookends. What have you learned about running a stationery business thats surprised you?

Youll get a shipping notification with a tracking number when I print your shipping label. (But NOT for a buck or a few cents, because that is a royal pain in the ass.) If for some reason I forget to refund your extra shipping, please give me a nudge! They may be able to speak personally with the carrier who handled your package. How do you differentiate talented stationery entrepreneurs among the hobbyists? Ive built a good following of people who enjoy what Im buying or finding. Lopez has always had an eye for design. Well work it out.

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Durch die Nutzung der Dienste von Twitter erklärst Du Dich mit unserer. To Canada, I charge.00 to ship the first item and 50 cents for each additional item. So if you only buy one thing from me youre actually getting a very nice price break. As a general rule, if you buy one to three items, youre getting a better deal on shipping than. There are some things that are timelessa little black dress or the perfect martini come to mind. For example, at the time of this writing, a package to Canada costs.03 USD for a package between 4 and 8 ounces. Tags: gifts, pineapples, retail profile, stationery, The Most Darling of Distractions. Creative Control, lopez creates a point of differentiation through artistic displays, décor and even the music she plays in the shop.

Lopez uses Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to generate interest, and also entices gift and stationery enthusiasts at her blog. Domestic customers: On average, my packages within the.S. At that point, I questioned if I was crazy or could make something out of it all. If something goes wrong with delivery, chances are the package will be sent back to me, so if delivery seems to be taking an unusually long time, please feel free to send me a message so Im aware of the situation and can keep. I can give you a better estimate of what your package will actually weigh and cost. If it makes *sense* for me to combine domestic orders that are further apart, I will do that automatically, at my discretion. Although its only been a few months since Darling Distraction first opened, Lopez was happy that its already drawn a lot of repeat customers.