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the CVI. CVI required within 30 days of entry. All dogs, must have a CVI with a statement that there has been no known exposure to rabies within the last 100 days and the dog does not originate from an area under quarantine for rabies. Negative EIA test within 12 months prior to entry required. Special Notes: Show dogs in the state for 30 days or less are exempt from CVI requirements. New Hampshire Dogs: CVI required. Indiana Dogs: CVI required.

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Must have a negative EIA test less than 6 months prior to entry. Any cat older than 3 months must have proof of current rabies vaccination given by veterinarian prior to date of importation and must have no exposure to rabies within previous 100 days. Must state they are free of contagious, infectious or communicable disease. Special Notes: Dogs entering for exhibition and performing dogs entering for a limited period of time are exempt from the CVI requirement.

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The CVI must record proof of the health requirements for each species. South Carolina Dogs: CVI required. Official negative EIA test within period of 12 months prior to entry required. Must be apparently healthy. An interstate health certificate on all horses imported into VA must indicate a negative EIA test within the past 12 months. Native horses from North Dakota, Nebraska and Montana are exempt from the EIA test requirement.

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