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Pure Malt hits you with berries - to my nose, that's the definite dominate note. The basic DNA of the Le Male line, which is built on the notes of mint, lavender, cedar and vanilla, can be felt in the midst of the floral and gourmands nuances of this scent. Finally, it presents a more gourmand base, with notes of black vanilla, patchouli, amber and cedar. Much has been discussed about the subject and the reformulations that made the fragrance weaker (both in projection and longevity according to reports of thousands of users around the world. One, it doesn't "morph" like A*Men does. Francis Kurkdjian made it again. Pure Malt features more of a candy shop sort of sweetness. And the impression I have, now and again, is that this was the last gasp from the Gaultier House to try to regain some of the prestige that exists behind the iconic Le Male (1995).

Ultra Male was designed to be "ultra" in all aspects and was announced as airbnb coupon code forum an Eau de Toilette Intense version loaded with spices and even more powerful of the original version. A*Men smells like two completely separate colognes when comparing the start and end. My final thoughts on Pure Malt are this: This is a great fragrance, but it's not as good as A*Men - in my opinion - for a couple reasons. Additionally, I find this fragrance to be sweeter than A*Men with less depth on the whole. I saw a comparison with Spicebomb without the cinnamon and tobacco. Some people compare it with scents of A*Men line (because the nuance of patchouli is similar some say that looks like Black XS, Polo Red and also 1 Million. As evolves, I feel myself taken by an immense feeling of "déjà vu because the body of the fragrance presents nuances of various other scents on the market. And the closest I can get to a comparative parameter (without generalizing would be to say that it is a mixture of Le Male with a hug of Body Kouros (YSL) and a few drops of Au Masculin (Lolita Lempicka). It is worth saying that the compliments come from all sides.

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