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say, "The account ending in 8424, please.". John's response to a Telenovela that had an Enforced Plug for a product of a multilevel marketing company, wondering about how much drama there must be in the commercials. And as it was revealed that thanks to the magic of exponential equations, such a strategy theoretically reaches every single person on earth in just fourteen cycles "to the point where we need to start fucking to create more people to watch it" he takes. But the best one regards a scientist advocating hugs for oxytocin: John: First of all, don't call yourself.

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A page for describing Funny: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. During his segment on Nintendo's lack of same-sex marriages in Tomodachi Life, John shows. Monster Jam Coupons Promo Codes. Missing: australia Must include: australia.

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I don't really care, I get checks from Youngevity all the time! But on a side note, using the terms chocolate and vanilla is actually the best possible argument to bring races closer together because what happens when you combine chocolate and vanilla? Come to think of it, we also have cocaine. And second, there's no way I would be happier giving eight hugs a day. In the episode about doping in sports, a real commercial for Subway is shown, with Michael Phelps swimming in a pool: Announcer : To perform your best, training's gotta be a lifelong passion. It's not where I thought I was going with this, but it is where we have ended. Later, while showing MLM events in other countries, he shows an Herbalife event in Mexico where CEO Michael Johnson slings a Mexico flag around his shoulder while greeting the audience, calling it "douchebaggery at a double black diamond level.". The point is, cocaine is an effective weight-loss option. Announcer : Fueled by a foot-long passion. Now might be a good time to point out that when someone says, 'Their blood is in me and it feels great that is what a fucking vampire says! John checks unlimited discount code explains that MLM companies have hierarchies of distributors, which are climbed up typically by selling product at a sufficiently fast rate; Kyani, for example, has ranks named after gemstones, with one particularly high rank being named "Double Black Diamond which John points out. And the girl next door you have a crush on tries to help, but she's laughing so hard at the size of your penis, that she closes the door on your hand, startling your mother, who slams her foot on the gas, dragging you behind.