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by Captain (later Major) CE Radcliffe in 1902. Few judges have had the chance to assess a chocolate. Our personal touch and courteous conversations are the signature service that begins the moment you walk through our doors. They were described as very handsome dogs but, perhaps fortunately, this was one variety that never caught. An astute move was to call them chocolate, a name that not only stuck but made them more appealing to the general public. Both theories are, of course, nonsense, as a study of labrador genetics proves. Its possible to have your dog tested to discover its genotype and thus be able to predict with some accuracy the colour of any progeny. Best labrador colour: genetics, you can still meet handlers who claim that yellow labradors are less trainable than blacks and others who believe that yellow dogs have more brains than blacks.

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Popular Savannah B B's. Quite what the founding members of the Yellow Labrador Club would have made of the current fashion for pale-lemon labradors is another matter. Two chocolate dogs can produce yellow puppies, while two black dogs can potentially produce black, chocolate and yellow puppies. In contrast, the pale yellow dogs appear totally out of place in the shooting field they look best wearing tartan coats while being walked in the park. At that time black was the desired colour, so it seems probable that non-black puppies were culled at birth.

The UK breed standard is flexible, allowing the colour to range from light cream to fox-red. The first brown-coated labradors on record were produced in the Buccleuch kennel in 1892.