did cvs change coupon policy

we made a new post detailing the responses. Publicat pe 10 feb. On the face of the coupon and also on your receipt. However, at the bottom of the coupon policy, it states the following.

CVS does not list their coupon policy on their website.
CVS Coupon Policy 2018Unspoken Coupon Policy Changes information I received updates you should know.
CVS Coupon Policy 2016 CVS has just released the new CVS Coupon Policy 2016.
We did have a lot of questions however, so, we reached out to our contacts at CVS Pharmacy to get some clarification on some items we would like more details.

How am I able to use percent-off coupons? Items presented for return without an original receipt may be exchanged for merchandise or a CVS Pharmacy MoneyCard. Is this no longer allowed? That is obvious but apparently CVS felt they needed to clarify that and other basic info. Does this mean you cannot use brand-specific (i.e. Although CVS Pharmacy reserves the right to determine the processing order of its retailer coupons issued (including discounts earned via the ExtraSavings Programs and myWeekly Ad circulars individual state tax laws govern the processing order of retailer coupons. And, what about combining these coupons with other dollar-off CVS store coupons? Coupon vistaprint wedding invitations coupon and a 2 off toothpaste Coupon Center coupon for a 3 toothpaste item. Refunds/returns, if you are not satisfied with an item purchased from CVS Pharmacy, you may return the item, along with the original receipt, for a refund, exchange or store credit equal to your original purchase price. The majority of the coupon policy is just reworded items and basic information that was not in the old policy.

Did cvs change coupon policy
did cvs change coupon policy